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Holiday Card 2021

Holiday Card 2021


I started doing the "Holiday Card" designs last year, and this year I've featured an alpaca and a border of traditional Christmas lights.  The alpaca is keeping warm and cozy in a holiday sweater, striped scarf and mukluks!  The design includes two versions - a larger one with the tree (stitched with all DMC) and a smaller one with just the alpaca (I've used wool and metallic specialty threads for this model). 


The models are stitched on 40 count "Lambswool" linen from xJudesigns.  (If you are looking for a substitute that doesn't require international shipping, R&R "Alabaster" is a very close match.)  Stitch count is 154 wide and 124 high.  (The smaller version is 94 wide and 124 high.)


The models are trimmed with "Anemone" chenille and the larger one is accented with a twill bow in "Grape Jelly".  Both are backed with "Grape Jelly" osnaburg.  (Chenille, twill and osnaburg are all from Lady Dot Creates.)  


Threads used:

DMC - 356, 422, 501, 833, 838, 840, 927, 0022, 3051, 3364, 3861

Bella Lusso wool - 093, 095 (used on the smaller model only)

DMC Diamant - 3821, 225, 321 (used on the smaller model only)


    Our Collection



    The model is stitched on 40 count "Raw" Newcastle linen.  Suggested retail price is $8.

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