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Saltwater Scrapbook - Part 1

Saltwater Scrapbook - Part 1


This project is a collaboration between myself and Lindy Stitches.  The idea was inspired by folk art quilts - I love the way individual blocks are combined into a harmonious whole.  There are 9 "block" designs in total - 4 in this chart and 5 in "Saltwater Scrapbook - Part 2" from Lindy Stitches.  They are all the same size, and use the same threads.  Stitchers can mix and match the blocks into ornaments, drums, little "quilts" - whatever takes their fancy.  


The models are stitched on 40 count "Silvermist" linen from Fabrics By Stephanie.  The total is stitch count is 123 wide x 123 high (which includes all 4 blocks - each block is 61 x 61).  The models are stitched with a mix of DMC and overdyed cotton threads.


Thread list:

DMC - 520, 523, 779, 3064, 3770, 3821, 3861, 3865

Weeks - Sandcastle, Bright Leaf, Bark, Cadet, Twilight, Red Rocks


    Our Collection



    The model is stitched on 40 count "Raw" Newcastle linen.  Suggested retail price is $8.

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