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Q: Your models are stitched on linen – do I need to use the same fabric?
A: You should use the fabric that you like best. I love stitching on linen so that’s the fabric I use. But you should use any fabric that you like, and any stitch count that works for you. That way you’ll enjoy the process of stitching and be happy with the end result.

Q: I don’t have the same supplies you used. What should I do?
Please use any supplies that you like. Sometimes the right fabric or thread is something you know you love, or your favorite color, or something meaningful to you. Sometimes it’s just what you have on hand. We are fortunate to have a wonderful selection of fabrics and threads available these days, and I’d encourage you to explore them.

Q: Your newest designs aren’t available for download – how can I find them?
A: When I release a new design it is available only in shops for the first several months. Your local shop is a wonderful source of supplies and inspiration, and I want to make certain I’m supporting them as they work so hard for all of us. After several months I will make the designs available for download through the website.

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