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From Nature To My Needle

From Nature To My Needle


The inspiration for this design comes from the many natural fibers we're privileged to use for our stitching.  The animals around the corners (llama, alpaca, angora rabbit, sheep and cashmere goat) all product magnificent threads.  At the top of the design there is a silk moth.  (The mulberry branches are populated by silkworms and their cocoons.)  At the bottom of the design there are cotton flowers and bolls.  Flax flowers twine up the sides of the design, and the outer border is inspired by twisted strands of thread.

The model is stitched on 40 count "Brown Sugar" linen from Fiber On A Whim.  Stitch count is 235 wide x 235 high.  This chart calls for all DMC threads.

Thread list:

DMC - 169, 371, 413, 500, 640, 645, 732, 738, 779, 832, 838, 840, 842, 869, 950, 3046, 3072, 3362, 3768, 3772, 3864, 3865


    Our Collection



    The model is stitched on 40 count "Raw" Newcastle linen.  Suggested retail price is $8.

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