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In Praise Of Pollinators

In Praise Of Pollinators


This piece celebrates many of the pollination heroes in world. There are native bees, of course, as well as birds, insects and mammals who are doing the essential work of pollinating the natural world. So let's give a little appreciation to some of the many creatures who keep our world full of glorious and beautiful life.


Correction note: if you have an early printing of this chart, there is an error in the section for Straight Stitches.  The bat is straight stitched with DMC 3859, not DMC 859.

If you are using the DMC substitute threads, be aware that the best DMC substitute I could find for CC Caramel is DMC 841.  DMC 841 is also one of the called for threads, so if you are stitching in all DMC there will be 2 instances where DMC 841 is used next to CC Caramel in the design (on the Honey Possum at the bottom right and on the Flicker in the cactus on the bottom left) and it shouldn't matter in either to use just 841. But if you wanted to go for something slightly different for accent that would be great as well.


The model is stitched on 40 count "Stormy Night" linen from Zweigart (closest DMC is 415).  Stitch count is 165 wide x 195 high.  The model was stitched by Chris Canaday.


Threads Used:

DMC - 166, 319, 353, 436, 502, 519, 535, 580, 646, 779, 783, 838, 841, 902, 904, 922, 3078, 3810, 3829, 3858, 3859, 3865

Weeks - Guacamole

Classic Colorworks - Chili Pepper, Caramel

(DMC conversion is included for the overdyed threads.)


    Our Collection



    The model is stitched on 40 count "Raw" Newcastle linen.  Suggested retail price is $8.

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