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Needlework Expo 2021

"The Gentle Rain"


"Language of Flowers - Spring"

"Tudor Swan"

"Tudor Bee"

I am very pleased to announce the release of five new designs, and all of these will be available for sale starting with the digital Needlework Expo in March 2021.  If you are interested in one of these designs please contact your local needlework shop to see if they will be attending the expo.

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 Just a reminder - I don't currently sell printed charts through this website.  New releases are available only through your local needlework shops. 

All other releases can be purchased as a printed copy from your local shop or here as digital download."


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In difficult times like these we all look for comfort.  I am spending so much energy managing negative emotions (fear, anxiety, uncertainty, etc.) that I need to remind myself to find any moment of joy and let it be magnified.  With difficult times ahead we will need to tend our joy diligently and keep clinging to hope. This design was original intended to be part of a summer release, but the message feels especially appropriate at this moment.


I have charted this in Dinky Dye silks, but of course use whatever threads you like.  If you can support your LNS with an order I know they will appreciate it.  


Be well and stitch.

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